What will “they” find when they search for you?

Your “online reputation” boils down to what people see when searching your name.

How important is your reputation? How important is your name to your career? Having a great online reputation can be the difference between winning and losing. Odds are that your reputation is not all you would like it to be online. You could have mistakes from the past, negative posts you’ve made on forums or social networks, slanderous content about you, or you could just not have your brand represented the way you would like. Whatever it is, you don’t have to let any of it stand in the way of your success. Take control of your name.

You rely on your reputation for your success (who doesn’t?), so why would you treat it any differently than any other kind of brand?

Cleaning up your negative online reputation is a challenging and daunting task and if you don’t know the ins and outs of Google, you could make things even worse. NameScrubber makes it easy for you to win the online race.  We combine advanced technology with years of human expertise to manage and enhance your online reputation and make it so people see what you want them to see.

what if they search my name


What will recruiters see when they search your name?

...33% of executives have never actually conducted a search of their own name. Yet, 16% fear that the information found online could eliminate them from consideration for a new job.*

* Execunet Study


Does a search on your name reflect you in the best light?

...92% of potential customers will research you online first.*

* BIGresearch

How NameScrubber Works

NameScrubber's expertise and the best tools

NameScrubber uses the best tools and expertise to succeed in boosting your reputation online.

The NameScrubber team has only one objective – to help you maximize your reputation online. We begin by looking at your search results and your background and then providing a customized strategic plan for your targeted goals.


Here’s how NameScrubber works.


1. Our team analyzes the current search results for your name.

2. We determine the results that you need to go away.

3. We work with you to define the profile and image you want online.

4. You sit back and relax while our team starts scrubbing your name

“Wow, I can’t believe you guys pulled this off! All of my negative results are gone just like magic. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!”SarahHuman Resource Executive
“I was able to secure the top 10 results with listings I wanted. No small feat considering how many people there were with the same name. ”BretCEO