Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. Simply contact us should you require additional information.

How long does it take?
This will depend on the extent and severity of the situation. It can take a little as 3 to as many as 6 months or longer to own your personal search results. However, customers can see results improving in as little as a few weeks to 2 months.

What exactly does NameScrubber do?
We create original content, web sites, guest posts, forum posts, social identities, and much more using Google approved techniques to boost your name for the search results you want. It is an arduous, technical, and creative job that we do everyday to help people just like you succeed in life.

How much does it cost?
How much is your success worth to you? It’s said that a negative reputation can impact your ability to earn 100s of thousands to millions of dollars in your lifetime and negative content on the Internet will last long after you are gone. We invest hundreds of hours in our clients everyday, so they can see the success they deserve.

Cost will vary depending on the extent of negative results and the client’s situation. We offer a basic package for less severe cases which starts at $XXX. More complicated cases can often cost much more.

When I search my name someone else shows up in the results. Can NameScrubber help me with that?
Yes, of course! We can work boost listings related to your name, higher in the results. We’ve helped several customers in this case do just that.

I was arrested a long time ago for a minor offense, but some how my mug shot still shows up. Can NameScrubber help me with that?
Yes, we can. Some situations can be complicated so time to see results and cost can vary.

I don’t have any negative results, can NameScrubber still help me?
Yes, if you have articles or items related to your professional background, we can help them figure more prominently in search results.

Is there a long term contact to sign?
No, there is no long term contact however as restoring an online reputation can take 3-6 months to be fully effective, our service does require a minimum of 3 months.

Why What makes NameScrubber different?

  • We believe in individualized strategies and quality content rather than quick & poor quality tactics.
  • Our staff is comprised of seasoned SEO and marketing experts and backed by a successful Marketing and Communications company with a long history of serving Fortune 500 clients.
  • We help with reputation management, so our own reputation is important. The highest form of flattery is your satisfaction and feedback. As such, we will work to garner your respect and satisfaction.
  • We furnish proof in progress with periodic reports and status updates.
  • We are a full service company. While we can advise on social media profile creation and self marketing, we can also perform that for you. As needed, we will generate custom content.