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Can your clients use a little help with their online image? We can help them improve their online reputation – while you earn recurring revenue!

Having a great online reputation can be the difference between winning and losing. Odds are, that your client’s online reputation is not all they would like it to be. They could have mistakes from the past, negative posts they’ve made on forums or social networks, slanderous content about them, or they may just not be represented exactly the way they would like. Whatever it is, they don’t have to let any of it stand in the way of their success. Help them take control of their name…contact today and be sure to ask us about our partner/referral program.

With whom do we partner:

  • Law firms whose clients could benefit from some positive search results
  • Venture Capital firms
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Banks for their employees and clients, especially those going public
  • Professional Career/Life Coaches
  • Labor law firms representing executives in a lawsuit
  • Post-secondary schools whose graduates may need help boosting their professional results online
  • Anyone who knows someone who could benefit from an improved reputation online

Who could benefit from our services?

Clients such as executives, investors, public figures, politicians, who had/has:

  • A recent arrest
  • An old arrest
  • Slander or other content posted about them
  • Someone with a similar name and negative results
  • A political scandal
  • Filed bankruptcy
  • Real estate or investor scandal
  • Need some positive press or results to show up top
  • A lawsuit which was dismissed
  • Celebrity that needs to clean up their past
  • CEO of a company going public or under scrutiny of investors
  • Someone who simply wants a ensure their name displays in the top 10 results

Become a Referral Partner Today!

A poor online reputation doesn’t have to stand in the way of your client’s success. Become a referral partner and refer them to NameScrubber today (and earn extra revenue at the same time)! Simply call 888-849-2406 or complete the brief Partner Request form below to get started.

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Simply complete the partner request form below to get started. We will contact you within 24 hours. You will have the option to provide any additional information on the next page.