Success Stories

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Bret had only 1-2 of the top 10 search results for his name online at any given time, because a semi-famous musician/model with the same name was dominating the results. Just like negative results, not controlling the message around your name can be harmful and so, Bret worked with the team to create content on the web that would allow him to own the top 10 results for his name. After successfully owning 8-10 of the top 10 results for his name on any given day, our team started working to dominate the top 20 results and are already seeing great success and own 16-17 of the top 20 results. Bret let the team manage the strategy, because he’s running a company and namescrubbing can be very time consuming.


HR/Senior Executive (severance package wasn’t honored, sued previous employer and lawsuit)

When Sarah (not her real name) came to us, she was horrified to discover that 3 of the top 5 results for her name, including the 1st result were news coverage for a lawsuit she filed against her former employer. Sarah is a C-level human resources executive and knew full well that just like she would, her prospective employers were going to search on her name and there was no way that anyone was going to hire someone that just sued her former employer. We set to work creating content to highlight her decades of experience and expertise and worked with her to create original content that would highlight her value to a new employer. Within 6 months, Sarah had a new executive level position with a new employer and continues to monitor and maintain her professional reputation.


Financial Services Dealer (strong negatives, arrests)

Steven was one of the most difficult reputation problems we’ve ever encountered. Decades earlier in his youth, he got mixed up with some less than savory folks in the financial services arena and when the SEC busted them, they also went after him. Rather than fight the charges and spend 2 decades in prison Steven chose to testify and received 1 year and probation, but his sentence lasted much longer than that. When the SEC and others began publishing all their public data to the web, suddenly Steven’s reputation on Google became a mess. From mug shots, to court documents and press coverage, a man that had become a respected and honest businessman was now losing deas that before he could have closed with a handshake. He knew he needed to do something and fast. We first had to let Steven know, that it was going to take some time to clean up his results. Negative results on government sites are very difficult to get rid of, because Google gives a lot of credence to government sites. We started to work right away though and within 2 months, were already starting to see great results. It took a bit more time, but eventually we cleaned up his first 10 results and now are seeing success with the next 10. Steven’s back out doing business the way he used to as a productive member of his community.


CEO / Real Estate Developer

Oscar was already a highly successful real estate executive and dealmaker and was well known personally in multiple cities in the real estate investor community, but now a $50 million deal in a new city beckoned and his one-to-one relationships in Houston and Miami weren’t going to help him in this new deal. If he wanted the to close this amazing deal, then he needed the support of previous investors in the property and a new crop of locals that were interested, but wanted to know with whom they were doing busines. There was nothing spectacularly negative in his search results except a minor lawsuit of the past, but Oscar knew he needed to get rid of that and then boost his name in results. In this case, he only showed up twice for his name and he knew that if he wanted to impress new investors, he would have to polish his search results and show him for the real estate genius he was. The NameScrubber team got to work creating content, social profiles, blogs, and dozens of other posts across the web that highlighted his skills, experience, and testimonials as a real estate investor and executive. 6 months later Oscar closed the deal of a lifetime with a sparkling online and offline reputation and the success to prove it.